Our Story

We have had an outreach ministry in the Fair Oaks area of Danville since 2007. Our focus has always been on Jesus and doing the work he has for us in this part of Danville! In January 2017, the Housing Authority gave us the physical space that we call the "Hope Center", which has become the base of our ministry in the Fair Oaks neighborhood. While we have programs, we want to focus on relationships, believing that life-on-life relationships are the best method for effecting long-term transformation. We don't want to do things for people or give handouts that often create dependency and dishonor the gifts and abilities that God has given people. Instead, we want to empower and to come alongside people in their journey through life, helping them develop and utilize what God has already given them so that they can become all that God has purposed for them, starting with them hopefully developing a relationship with God through Jesus!